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Winterize your Skin and Hair!

Baby it's cold outside!  Too soon for Christmas carols?  Regardless, it isn't too soon to start preparing your skin for the cold winter months.  You winterize your house, your boat, your car so why not yourself?!  Follow our quick guide because, unfortunately, we don't have the option to hibernate in our warm beds until spring. And no one wants those icky alligator legs!


Most of us (hopefully!!) moisturize our skin every morning, but it's also important to moisturize skin at night.  Think about it, that's 7-9 hours your skin is sitting in dry winter air.  Of course our favorite moisturizers are Aloe ThereŽ and Glamorous BeautyŽ! Also, take warm baths mixed with a cup of milk!  But don't get the water too hot, it will dry out your skin.  Milk softens and soothes, leaving your skin silky smooth.  Tip: Put heavy amounts of lotion on your feet and heels, wrap then in plastic wrap and put socks on to seal in heat while you sleep.  Your feet will be soft and it will help prevent feet from cracking (EWWE!!!).


I know this might be hard but DON'T wash your hair so frequently! Give your shampoo a vacation.  Wash your hair every 2 to 3 days, in between you can rinse and condition hair.  (Please note: this isn't your excuse to stop bathing)  At first your hair might feel greasy between washes, but eventually your hair will adapt and start producing oil at a lesser rate. After all, the best conditioner is your natural oil.  Tip: Over night, sleep in a conditioning treatment (or just regular conditioner) then wash your hair in the morning.  Your hair will feel silky smooth!  Try this once or every other week .

Stay Glamorous!