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Top 10 Tanning Rules

10.  Enjoy tanning! You will be more likely to stick with regular sessions if you enjoy the time you're spending in the bed.  So bring a C.D. or indulge in some peace and quiet.  This is the one time of your day that no one can bother you.  (I'm feeling relaxed just thinking about it...)

9.  Every once in a while, "Double Dip".  Tan in the bed and immediately after get a Spray Tan.  You get double the color!

8.  Switch up your beds.  Use a High Pressure bed for a while then switch to a Low Pressure bed.  Make sure you use a Stand Up periodically to tan away those, not so cute, tan marks we all can't help but get.

7.  Take care of your skin!  Drink lots of water, wash your face daily, take your daily vitamins.  All those things mom use to tell you to do that you totally ignored.  Healthy skin is happy skin and happy skins tans darker!

6.  Break your plateaus by switching up your lotions.  Do you swear by bronzers?  Take a break and dive into the sassy world of tingles hello Hot Green Tease™!  Or give your skin extra hydration with an intensifier like Be Desired™.  It's just like trying to lose weight, eventually your body gets use to the lotion like it gets use to you rocking that stair climber!

5. Don't, I repeat, don't shower for 3 to 4 hours after tanning.  Many tanning lotions have bronzers that darken even after you've left the salon.  If you shower immediately after, you're washing away gorgeous color.  This is your one excuse to tell your significant other that you're not showering for pizza night.

4.  Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!  This is very important for two reasons.  One, you need to remove all your dead skin cells.  Two, after tanning a while bronzers can build up on your skin.  If you exfoliate, you'll remove old color and keep your tan looking healthy and natural.

3. Moisturize!!!!  We can't stress this enough.  If your skin is dry your skin will peal or you won't tan in the first place.  So next time you go to your salon pick up a bottle of Aloe There™ or Glamorous Beauty™, use them after tanning and daily.  They will give your skin the extra hydration it needs.  It's like a tall glass of water for your skin.

2.  Use a facial lotion.  The skin on your face, neck and chest is different than the skin on your body; so, it needs to be treated differently.  Yes that's right, the facial lotion goes from your forehead to your chest.

*drum roll please*

1.  The most important aspect of getting a tan... USE A TANNING LOTION!  Seems silly right?  If you don't use a lotion, you waste the first 5 minutes of your session!  That is at least 1/4 of the time you're tanning!  Plus, most lotions contain sunless bronzers that will add to the color you're getting from the bed.

So that's it friends!  Follow these simple 10 rules and you'll become a bronze beauty!

Stay Glamorous!