Pep Talk®

  • Size:8.5 oz.
  • Download:PDF
Pep, Pep, Pep-it-up! Fire up your color and meet the heat of this H-O-T Tingle Bronzer. Spice up your routine and feel the sizzle of Perfectly Peppered Tingle technology, while bronzing ingredients develop deep, dark color that will leave you cheering. Give your tanning experience a Pep Talk™ and boost your bronze with heat that can't be beat! Ready... Okay!

  • Fired Up Bronzing Blend: Specially formulated bronzers and Caramel work to develop a long-lasting, dark glow that will turn you into a fiesty bronze sensation
  • Perfectly Peppered Tingle: Natural spiciness of Black Pepper combines with tingle ingredients to help provide oxygen to the skin and achieve gorgeous, warm color
  • Turn Up Technology: Specially formulated blend works to increase the tingle experience while hydrating skin for improved moisture and an enhanced spicy sensation
  • Boosted BioBronze™ Blend: Tropical fruit smoothie of natural color enhancers
  • Hypoallergenic
Pep Talk®