Shea You Love Me®

  • Type:BOTANICA®
  • Size:8.5 oz.
  • Download:PDF
Shea good-bye to dry skin and Shea hello to dark tan color! Shea you Love Me® formula features the power of nature at it's best; targeting dry skin and eczema while transforming your color from pale to gorgeously dark and radiant.

  • A-O‘Shea Moisturizing Complex: Luxurious, thick and creamy Apple, Oatmeal, and Shea Butter intensely moisturize helping skin feel and look softer

  • Eco-Trio™ Moisture Blend: Aloe Vera and Vitamins A and E help protect against future signs of aging

  • BioBronze® Blend: Natural melanin enhancers prepare skin for dark color
Shea You Love Me®