Tranquil Tanning Tonic™

  • Type:VEGAN
  • Size:8.5 oz.
  • Download:PDF
In a world that’s always on the go, it’s time to slow down and unwind! Put your body and mind at ease with this Tranquil Tanning Tonic™. Inhale relaxation and exhale chaos with a blend of Lavender + Eucalyptus that soothe and calm, all while enhanced moisturizers wrap your skin in instant hydration! Being busy is seriously overrated. When you only have 5 minutes of me time, give your skin the pampering it deserves! 

  • Soothing Moisture Blend: Enriched moisturizers plus Shea Butter combine with wet skin to glide on smooth and saturate, locking in hydration for a nourished, soft after feel
  • Tranquil Tanning Tonic™: Designed to keep your body and mind at ease, this blend includes Lavender + Eucalyptus to calm and relax with their gentle, soothing properties
  • TanStart™ Vitamin Blend: Proprietary blend of natural ingredients fortified with Vitamins help enhance your color and ensure smooth, healthy skin
  • Vegan Formula: Cruelty free and does not contain animal products or animal derivatives
  • 95% Naturally Derived and No Added Hemp, Gluten, or Parabens: For health-conscious tanners
Tranquil Tanning Tonicâ„¢