Scandalous Beauty®

  • Type:Tingles
  • Size:10 oz
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Skin Awakening™T100 Tingle Technology: A heating formula that combines three tingle ingredients to deepen the dark color expected from a tingle without the painful itch
  • SölBronze™ Technology: Combines the most potent bronzers with DHA to give a deep, rich color, previously thought impossible
  • PhytoDark™ Marine Blend: Melanin enhancing bioactive Brown Algae harvested from the Baltic Sea intensifies your ability to bronze
  • Serum Base: Dark tanning serum suspended within a lightweight lotion is formulated to dry quickly on the skin with a silky after-feel.  
  • Skinmimics™ Age-Defying Blend: Renowned for its anti-wrinkle and collagen enhancing properties infuses skin with the look of youth
  • Swedish Marine Ingredients: Seaborne cocktail of Sea Minerals and Seaweed from the North Sea, cushions skin against moisture loss
Scandalous Beauty®

Swedish Beauty

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